Mission & Vision

The vision for launching a radio program to help women unleash their potential has been in the heart of its founder, Mable Cannings, since 2009. Finally, after speaking, writing/publishing and touring for the last few years, the time has arrived to unleash this fabulous resource for women. Never before have we seen such an outcry for substance that can help propel the success of women and accelerate their personal growth in order to live more powerful, productive and rich lives.

Unleash Your Potential targets women who are motivated and passionate about leaving a footprint on the world. They seek greater wealth, health and leadership in their homes and communities and are active in self-development, volunteering and mentoring, and training and education to reach their personal and professional goals.

This show will help us to touch more women around the world who aspire to reach their potential spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically and economically. Our goal is to educate, inspire and create shifts that transform the lives of our listeners and communities, no matter where they are, in a convenient easily accessible 24/7 format through the Internet and via itunes. This show is hosted by the Amazing Women of Power Network at www.awoptalk247.com.

“When your self-worth goes up, your net-worth goes up with it.” –Mark Hansen

We believe that the power to change lies within YOU, to do, to have and to become your highest self. Through this show and podcasts, we hope to open the doors wide and be that light in dark places so that you will broaden your perspective and shine as never before. Again, Welcome the site and to the show.

Unleash Your Potential will air every Monday, beginning June 18, 2012 at 9:30am. All shows will be archived for later listening on this website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.